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Hands-on Team Programs


Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Program — Develop, build, and fly an Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) culminating in an annual competition with other schools in the program. Programs can be modeled and expanded on a program currently in existence at Lorain County Community College who will lead this program.

Astronomy and Space Program — Focuses on Astronomy and Space which can be modeled and expanded on the successful Astronomical Research Program (ARP) currently in existence at Lakeland Community College who will lead this program. The ARP provides meaningful hands-on research opportunities for students which contribute to current NASA Missions.

The following community colleges and technical school are eligible to participate:


At the conclusion of the projects, students and faculty members will be invited to showcase their program with a live display, poster, or technical presentation at a statewide symposium tentatively scheduled to be held at the Ohio Aerospace Institute in Cleveland, Ohio (date to be announced).

Interested faculty should complete the CC-STARS! grant application.


Click here to download the CC-STARS! grant application in Microsoft Word.


After completing the CC-STARS! grant application and securing the appropriate signatures, the following options are available to submit your completed application package to include: completed application (with signatures), budget and curriculum vitae.

  1. Send completed application and any accompanying documents as a single PDF file via online submission.
    Click here to submit PDF file.

  2. Send completed application and any accompanying documents as a single PDF file via email to: osgc@oai.org

  3. Send completed original completed application and any accompanying documents via U. S. Mail to:
    Jed E. Marquart, Ph.D., P.E.
    Ohio Space Grant Consortium
    22800 Cedar Point Road
    Cleveland, OH 44142

Reporting Requirements

As an OSGC grant award recipient (Principal Investigator), you are required to complete the following reporting requirements as specified below. Failure to submit these grant requirements will result in the ineligibility of the grant recipient (Principal Investigator) to receive future funding.

  1. Your Final Report - A brief final report meeting the reporting requirements stated below is due no later than one year after your grant is awarded. Your final report should include the following:
    • Project procedure, including any revisions of original concept;
    • Demographics of students, including numbers of male and female students, numbers of students from underrepresented groups, again by numbers of male and female;
    • Comments of teachers and students regarding the project (i.e., photographs, videotapes, CDs, DVDs, etc.);
    • Principal Investigator’s evaluation, with suggestions for implementation of the project model;
    • Final budget and expense report;
    • Presentation and interpretation of the results obtained;
    • Critical discussion of the success of the project;
    • Discussion of future work based on the project.
    • Senior Design Courses – Advise us if any Senior Design courses (include number and term) were created as a result of this award.
    • Publications – Advise us if any publications are written as a result of this award.
    • Future Funding – Advise us if you receive any other funding as a result of this award.
    • Patents – Advise us if any patents are initiated as a result of this award.
    • Public Relations - OSGC publishes a quarterly newsletter. Please send us any photos, CDs, or attendee feedback commentary to feature your award.
  2. OSGC Higher Education (CC-STARS!) Report (to be downloaded below) - NASA Office of Education mandates that all Federal funding be reported into their OEPM (Office of Education Performance Measurement) database system which includes specific demographics and other data.
Download Higher Education (CC-STARS!) report.

Online Reporting Requirements Submissions

Click here to submit your final report (as outlined in Number 1 above.)
Click here to submit your completed Higher Education (CC-STARS!) report (as outlined in Number 2 above.)

Students interested in participating in any of these programs should contact one of the following individuals at their participating 4-year university:

Central State University
Dr. Abayomi Ajayi-Majebi, PE, CMfgE, CQE, CRE
Manufacturing Engineering Department
114-A Jenkins Hall
Phone: 937.376.6181
Email: ajayi-majebi@centralstate.edu

Cleveland State University
Ms. Rose Begalla, M.A.
Assistant Dean, Student Affairs & Advising
Scholarship Coordinator
Washkewicz College of Engineering
2121 Euclid Avenue – FH 104
Phone: 216.687.6912
Email: r.begalla@csuohio.edu

The University of Akron
Dr. Craig C. Menzemer
Associate Dean of Graduate Studies & Administration
Associate Dean of Undergraduate Programs
College of Engineering
Auburn Science & Engineering Center – 201
Phone: 330.972.7911
Email: ccmenze@uakron.edu

University of Cincinnati
Mr. Kenneth Simonson
Director, Academics
Engineering Administration/Emerging Ethnic Engineers Program
College of Engineering and Applied Science
665 Baldwin Hall
Phone: 513.556.1164
Email: Kenneth.Simonson@uc.edu

University of Dayton
Dr. John G. Weber
Associate Dean
School of Engineering
Kettering Laboratories, Room 266
Phone: 937.229.2736
Email: jweber1@udayton.edu

The University of Toledo
Dr. Lesley M. Berhan
Associate Professor
Mechanical, Industrial, and Manufacturing Engineering Department
Director of Engineering Diversity Initiatives
Nitschke Hall 4025, Mail Stop 312
Phone: 419.530.8220
Email: lesley.berhan@utoledo.edu

Wright State University
Mitch Wolff, Ph.D.
Mechanical & Materials Engineering
College of Engineering and Computer Science
Russ Engineering Center 123
Phone: 937.775.5141
Email: mitch.wolff@wright.edu

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