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Current OSGC Scholarship and Fellowship Recipients

2017-2018 Fellowship Recipients

University of Cincinnati
Nathaniel L. Richards, Master’s 1, Aerospace Engineering

Cleveland State University
Jodi C. Turk, Master’s 1, Mechanical Engineering

The Ohio State University
Collin E. Mikol, Master’s 1, Mechanical Engineering

2017-2018 Junior and Senior Scholarship Recipients

The University of Akron
Andrea L. Felicelli, Senior, Mechanical Engineering
DeGrafth A. Palmore, Senior, Electrical Engineering
Robert P. Thoerner, Senior, Biomedical Engineering

Baldwin Wallace University
Tayla R. Brooks, Senior, Biology
Kyle S. Pellegrin, Senior, Physics
Joel R. Kavaras, Junior, Mathematics

Case Western Reserve University
Clarissa A. Goldsmith, Junior, Mechanical Engineering
David B. Prigg, Junior, Mechanical Engineering
Matthias S. Weisfeld, Junior, Mechanical Engineering and Aerospace Engineering

Cedarville University
Sarah C. Rouse, Senior, Geology
Michaela M. Crouch, Junior, Mechanical Engineering
Daniel J. Stank, Senior, Biology

University of Cincinnati
Colin W. McConnell, Senior, Chemical Engineering
Liberty M. Shockley, Senior, Aerospace Engineering
Austin M. Wessels, Junior, Aerospace Engineering

Central State University
Michael C. Curtice, Senior, Manufacturing Engineering
Lynnae S. Frisco, Junior, Manufacturing Engineering
Kylon J. Payne, Junior, Manufacturing Engineering

Cleveland State University
Kristen N. Fulmer, Senior, Mechanical Engineering
Uchechukwu N. Obiako, Senior, Chemical Engineering
Mina G. Kamel, Junior, Computer Science

University of Dayton
Matthew A. Mircovich, Senior, Physics
Kayla M. Pariser, Senior, Mechanical Engineering
Asa E. E. Palmer, Junior, Mechanical Engineering

Kent State University
Hannah L. Schlaerth, Senior, Geology
Alexander Margetis, Senior, Applied Mathematics
Robert R. Wilson, Senior, Aerospace Engineering

Marietta College
Charles E. Drennen, Jr., Senior, Petroleum Engineering
DerekAllen L. Krieg, Junior, Petroleum Engineering
Reannah N. Rymarz, Junior, Petroleum Engineering

Miami University
Alex J. Mazursky, Senior, Mechanical Engineering
Benjamin D. Shaffer, Senior, Computer Engineering
Ann M. Rumsey, Junior, Manufacturing Engineering and Engineering Management

Ohio Northern University
Katie S. Cooperrider, Senior, Mechanical Engineering
Daniel D. Musci, Senior, Electrical Engineering
Kyle W. Strahm, Junior, Mechanical Engineering

The Ohio State University
Nicole L. Whiting, Senior, Aerospace Engineering
Matthew N. McCannon, Junior, Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering

Ohio University
Ryan C. Lucas, Senior, Mechanical Engineering
Yonry R. Zhu, Senior, Engineering Physics and Mechanical Engineering

The University of Toledo
Heidi E. Kuchta, Senior, Astrophysics
Tyrone Jacobs, Jr., Senior, Electrical Engineering
Anthony O. Smoktonowicz, Senior, Electrical Engineering Technology

Wright State University
Miles A. Burrage, Senior, Electrical Engineering
Alexandrea C. Oliver, Senior, Computer Science
Rachel E. Evans, Junior, Mechanical Engineering

Wilberforce University
Maxime Maisonnet, Senior, Computer Science
Alexander M. Robinson, Senior, Electrical Engineering
Brittney A. N. Gibbs, Junior, Biology

Youngstown State University
James D. Harding, Senior, Chemical Engineering
DeOnte M. Layton, Junior, Mechanical Engineering

2017-2018 Community College Scholarship Recipients

Cincinnati State Technical and Community College
Zachary D. Reser, Sophomore, Mechanical Engineering Technologies
Isis Simone Tubbs, Sophomore, Pre-Engineering

Columbus State Community College
Fiovi E. Agbodjan, Sophomore, Electro-Mechanical Engineering Technology
Christian E. Lambiase, Sophomore, Mechanical Engineering Technology
Katherine M. Rucker, Sophomore, Construction Management

Cuyahoga Community College
Ola J. Ali, Sophomore, Pre-Engineering, Civil Engineering
Debin B. Brady, Sophomore, Programming and Development
Hanin M. Hamid, Sophomore, Pre-Engineering

Lorain County Community College
John D. Bukovac, Sophomore, Mechatronics Technology – Micro Electromechanical Systems (MEMS)
Evan W. Kolodey, Sophomore, Chemical Engineering
Ryan A. Reffner, Sophomore, Chemistry

2017-2018 Education Scholarship Recipients

Cedarville University
Kaleb A. Irey, Sophomore, Adolescent to Young Adult (AYA), Mathematics

Central State University
DeVante M. Jackson, Junior, Adolescent to Young Adult (AYA), Mathematics

Cleveland State University
Alexandra A. Flanigan, Post Bacc., Adolescent to Young Adult (AYA), Integrated Science

Kent State University
Jacob T. Dunwiddie, Junior, Early Childhood Education

Miami University
Meghan G. Mulligan, Sophomore, Adolescent to Young Adult (AYA), Life Science and Chemistry
Kaycie R. Riley, Junior, Adolescent to Young Adult (AYA), Mathematics

Ohio Northern University
Matthew W. Walker, Sophomore, Adolescent to Young Adult (AYA), Mathematics/Engineering
Kenton C. D. Jarvis, Junior, General Engineering/(AYA), Mathematics

The Ohio State University
Abigail M. Fuhrmann, Senior, Middle Childhood Education, Mathematics and Science
Elizabeth K. Han, Senior, Middle Childhood Education, Mathematics and Science
Kristen E. Pierce, Post Bacc., Middle Childhood Education, Mathematics

Ohio University
Keilee L. Guthrie, Junior, Early Childhood Education

Wright State University
Shantelle M. Binfet, Senior, Early Childhood Education
Hayley R. Crider, Junior, Early Childhood Education

The OSGC would like to recognize Choose Ohio First, the Nord Family Foundation, and the Nordson
Corporation Foundation for providing financial support to our Scholarship and Fellowship program!

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