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The Mission of the OSGC is to advance the Nation’s capability in STEM leading to the continued development of a diverse workforce through NASA-related collaborations within Ohio’s network of scientists, researchers, engineers, and educators at Ohio universities, the Ohio Aerospace Institute (OAI), NASA Centers, the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL), and industry that align with the National Space Grant Program goals and objectives. A key component of this activity is to attract and retain students in STEM disciplines with emphasis on increasing participation by women, underrepresented minorities, and persons with disabilities.

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2019 Student Research Symposium Group Photo

Mark your calendars for the 28th Annual Student Research Symposium, Friday, April 3, 2020!


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The OSGC congratulates NASA on the Apollo 50th Anniversary!
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The OSGC congratulates the National Space Grant College and Fellowship Program on its 30th Anniversary! We are proud to be a part of this outstanding organization and join in the celebration!
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CCC, ONU, and OSU organized a NASA Watch Party featuring the “Future of Space” via a live stream on May 6. The live stream featured NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine who discussed NASA’s plan to go “forward to the Moon” in 2024.
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Ohio State Student Team Sets UAV World Speed Record! The Ohio State University’s Aerospace Research Center has set a world speed record for an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) of any size, pending verification.
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Twenty-three (23) Ohio Northern Engineering students worked on the ‘Moon Buggy” replica for The Armstrong Air and Space Museum in Wapakoneta, Ohio. The ‘Moon Buggy’ also participates in local parades and community outreach projects.

NASA IV&V - Air Force Institute of Technology (AFIT) Internship Opportunity

Project Description:
Student will be responsible for supporting both the NASA’s Katherine Johnson Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) simulation development team in Fairmont, WV and the Air Force Institute of Technology (AFIT) in Dayton, Ohio. Specifically, the student(s) will be working to continue the integration of KubOS (http://www.kubos.com/) satellite flight software into the NASA Operational Simulator for Small Satellites (NOS3) framework to support current and future Small Satellite missions. Student(s) will develop, integrate, and test software models of physical hardware components and will be responsible for documenting and packaging the software for distribution to the open source community. Students will then interface with satellite hardware at AFIT to validate the NOS3 software and improve the system fidelity.

Internship Duration:
This position is a two-part internship that may be extended at the end of the internship.

  • The first half of the internship will go from January 6 – May 8, 2020
    • This portion will take place in Fairmont, WV
  • The second half of the internship will go from May 11 – August 7, 2020
    • This portion will take place in Dayton, OH
    • Internship can extend by a few weeks based on availability

Desired Skills: Embedded Software Development, C Programming, Rust Programming, Development Experience in a Linux Environment, Python

Additional Information: Must be a U.S. Citizen

Desired Degrees: General Engineering, Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering

Application Deadline: September 30, 2019

Apply: Send resume and letter of interest to Justin Morris

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