The Ohio Space Grant Consortium’s Mission is to provide opportunities for all Ohioans to engage in NASA Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM)-related research, education, and public service programs to foster a diverse, well-prepared, future technical workforce for NASA and the Nation.


The Vision of the Ohio Space Grant Consortium is to continue Ohio’s legendary aviation history from the Wright Brothers pioneer beginnings to a future filled with endless exploration and discovery for students, educators, and all Ohioans.




The importance of SpaceX launch.

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I am NASA Space Grant.  Watch a video from Derick Endicott (Lead Engineer, SpaceX) as he speaks on his experience with Ohio Space Grant Consortium and where his journey has taken him.


The OSGC congratulates the National Space Grant College and Fellowship Program on its 30th Anniversary! We are proud to be a part of this outstanding organization and join in the celebration!


CCC, ONU, and OSU organized a NASA Watch Party featuring the “Future of Space” via a live stream on May 6. The live stream featured NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine who discussed NASA’s plan to go “forward to the Moon” in 2024.

Cecilia Mainzer
OSGC University Summer Intern Cecilia Mainzer working on her research entitled:   “Development of Phagotrophic Algae-Based Process for Conversion of Waste Organics to Algae Lipids as Potential Feedstock for Biofuel.”  Cecilia’s research is being performed at The University of Akron’s Bioprocess Engineering Lab with her mentor, Dr. Lu-Kwang Ju.